together we ryde.

about union ryde

a challenging full-body workout that will get your heart rate up and your spirit soaring

There are plenty of spin studios in Orange County. But there's only one UnionRYDE. Our founder, Mindy Ferrantelli, has been at the forefront of the spin revolution for nearly a decade. After taking over Bike2theBeat in Newport Beach in 2010, Mindy pioneered her signature out-of-the-saddle riding style now seen in many studios. In 2016 she decided that it was finally time for a brand overhaul, and UnionRYDE was born.

Like Mindy, UnionRYDE eschews the fake and embraces the qualities that lead to success: sticktoitiveness, hard work, loyalty and hustle. The studios are gathering places for RYDERS, and strangers often leave as friends. Instructors, or UnionCREW as Mindy likes to call them, are equal parts encouraging besties, spin doctors, and fitness fiends. 

In spring 2018, UnionRYDE opened its second location in Tustin and added a cutting-edge new class called InfraRYDE. Combining the best of the full body spin workout UnionRYDE is known for, with special infrared light therapy, this class torches calories (1000+ calories in a single (45 minute session) yet leaves you feeling energized. 

Mindy likes the hands-on aspect of owning the studio, so you'll often find her behind the desk welcoming in RYDERS, on the podium leading a RYDE, or on a bike supporting her UnionCREW. 

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Out of the Saddle

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